Beginners Are Welcome!

The simplest was to start is to attend a free Community Meditation Night (CMN).

The CMN classes are designed as accessible entry points into our studio. Show up at one of our CMN classes to get your basic, and super-basic, questions answered. We offer these free events every quarter, with extra classes every January and September.

That being said, the CMN is not required.

If you are ready to jump in to learning the nuts-and-bolts of meditation skills, you can sign up for the next Meditation Toolbox course. The Toolbox is offered every September.

And/or, our Bypassing Burnout Workshop is another excellent way to start learning about meditation skills and applying resilience training to your life. Bypassing Burnout is offered in November and February most years.

You can attend these foundation-building classes in any order that works for your schedule:

  • Community Meditation Night, a stand alone, free, drop-in intro class.

  • Meditation Toolbox Course, six weekly classes. A structured introductory course. Each class is 75 minutes.

  • Bypassing Burnout Workshop, a six-hour retreat day.

  • Cape Cod Campfire Retreat Weekend for our studio members

The following articles describe each of our classes in detail: