Overview of the yearly calendar of program offerings

Calendar Framework

The Mindful Boston calendar is made up of four seasonal quarters-  winter semester, spring semester, summer semester, and fall semester.  


For the most basic of intros, there is at least one free Community Meditation Night per season/quarter. 

As said elsewhere, register for all beginner level events at our Meetup Group.  

Per Year

The Meditation Toolbox course offers a more structured introduction to what mindfulness is, and what mindfulness is not.  Six Thursdays in Cambridge.

Bypassing Burnout: Focus on stress resilience in this 6-hour-long retreat/learning day. Offered in March in Cambridge, and Boston in November.

Per Year

  • MBSR- the keystone of our training pathway. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Offered in the spring.

  • Summer campfire retreat day on Cape Cod, offered in August for our membership program.

  • Craftsman Level meditation teacher training starts in the fall.

For more detailed descriptions of each of the classes and retreats, visit our Program Description page.