Mindfulness Coaching

There are times when one-on-one mindfulness instruction is the appropriate next step. 

Some reasons for private mindfulness instruction: 

  • - You want regular support between other Mindful Boston offerings

  • - You would attend public classes, but can't realistically fit it into your schedule

  • - You desire the privacy and flexibility of remote learning (video chat)

  • - You feel you need more personal attention than a group setting offers

  • - You want to receive tailored coaching while you learn skills for relationships, health, business, creativity, or some other area of your life

  • - You’re simply more interested in working one-on-one

Mindful Boston maintains a referral network of trained meditation teachers. Every member of our referral network has done at least two years of work to earn their certificates from us. Their additional qualifications are listed on our referral network page.

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