Intermediate and Advanced Practioners: We’re glad you’re here!

Maybe you have been meditating within another tradition, or maybe you have been meditating solo for a while. Now you are interested in a new community of support for your practice. Your time and talent would be a great addition to what we are building at Mindful Boston, we’re glad you’re here!

Here’s some basics to know about what it is we do that might be different from what you’ve experienced elsewhere.

  • At Mindful Boston we have our own training pathway, curriculum, and a methodology that is unique to our studio. We are a “school” for meditation in the way that a martial arts studio could be considered a school for karate.

  • It’s best for intermediate level students to attend our foundation-building classes from the beginning of the pathway. Taking these intro courses is part of familiarizing yourself with the intentions behind the Mindful Boston curriculum. In our approach we are working diligently to be inclusive. Our inclusive intentions are multi-faith, including atheist and agnostic/questioning folks.

  • Especially if you have been meditating within a Buddhist lineage, there are important differences in our approach to secular meditation forms that you might not have encountered elsewhere. We request that you renew your “beginner’s mind” and start from scratch yet again.
    (In a martial arts example: if you had been studying jujitsu, and you wanted to join an aikido studio, you would need to re-learn a few fundamentals, especially if you are a black-belt.)

  • Wherever you are at is welcome here. If you have questions about where you can jump in, just attend one of our free Community Meditation Nights and talk to the teacher.

  • Once you have attended a class, you can then apply for membership at our studio. Members can attend our quarterly silent sits.

You can attend the foundation-building classes in any order that works for your schedule:

  • Community Meditation Night, a stand alone, free, drop-in intro class.

  • Meditation Toolbox Course, six weekly classes. A structured introductory course. Each class is 75 minutes.

  • Bypassing Burnout Workshop, a six-hour retreat day.

  • Cape Cod Campfire Retreat Weekend for our studio members

The following articles describe each of our classes in detail: