List of Class Descriptions

Studio Programs

Our training hall offers four types of classes and two types of retreats.  You are welcome to attend any  of the four foundation-building programs in any order that works for your schedule.  If you plan to become a meditation teacher, follow the training pathway through the intermediate programs in order to advance your skills. 

foundation building

Meditation Toolbox Course


  • "What kinds of meditations are there for me to try?"

  • "Am I doing meditation right?"

  • "How do I establish a foundational practice?"

This course is a great place for any beginner to start- and/or it can be the next-step for anyone who has attended the optional free Community Nights.

The Meditation Toolbox gives you a structured introduction to what it means to meditate. Over the course of six weekly classes, you will be introduced to a number of the popular formats for meditation including:  Mindfulness, Creative Visualization, and Progressive Relaxation.

Offered twice per year, winter and spring
Tuition Fee $150. 
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foundation building

free Community Meditation Night

Mindful Boston's Community Meditation Nights (CMN) are a "complimentary taste" of mindfulness meditation.  They are the perfect way to give mindfulness a try.

 CMNs are easy beginner-level intros to what mindfulness is, and also to what (who) Mindful Boston is.  These events are laid-back, welcoming, and completely free! 

Local organizations partner with Mindful Boston to donate their spaces for these community offerings. 

Offered once per quarter
Tuition Fee $0.  
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foundation building

Retreat Day:
Bypassing Burnout

Focus on creating stress resilience in your life

In this six hour retreat day, participants will discover strategies for building strength in relationship to stressors.  Since some stress is immediate and other stress is chronic, we will discuss both on-the-spot strategies and long-term strategies.

Using an instructional workbook, each participant will explore techniques that can be personally effective in real life at the office and at home. The workbook includes creating an individualized action plan for continued practice into the future.

Offered once per year, in the spring
Tuition Fee $150.   
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foundation building

Retreat Weekend on Cape Cod for MiBo Members

For Members, Volunteers, Staff, and Interns

Mindful Boston's Cape Cod retreat weekend is a highlight of our teaching calendar. 

Offered once per year, in the summer
There is no fee for members.  But you must secure your own housing near Eastham MA.

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Intermediate Level


(MBSR) is an intensive nine-Sundays program for people who are committed to overhauling their relationships to their stressors.

The course is comprised of eight weekly 2.5 hour classes plus an all-day retreat. Students will commit to participating fully in class for each week of the program, plus there is a required 30 to 60 minutes of a daily home-practice during those nine weeks.

MBSR is offered once per year, in the spring. Either the Toolbox or Bypassing Burnout is a prerequisite.
Tuition Fee is on a sliding scale, average rate is $675.


Advanced Level

Teacher Training

Once a student graduates from MBSR, they have the option to apply to join the Craftsman Level Teacher Training program.  

Are you shopping for a Teacher Training Program? Visit our info page.

Teacher Training is offered bi-yearly, MBSR is a prerequisite. Registration info is given at class #8 of the MBSR course. 
Tuition Fee is on a sliding scale, average rate is $2000.