c) Meditation Toolbox Course

Explore questions such as: "What kinds of meditations are there for me to try?" "Am I doing meditation right?" "How do I establish a foundational practice?"

The Meditation Toolbox gives you a structured introduction to what it means to meditate. Over the course of six weeks, this course introduces you to a number of the currently popular formats for meditation: Mindfulness, Creative Visualization, and Progressive Relaxation.

This course is a great place for any beginner to start. Also, it's a great next-step for anyone who has attended the Free Community Nights that are part of this meetup group.

This course goes deeper into the nuts-and-bolts foundations of how and why to meditate. It has more structure.

Usually offered as six Thursday nights 6:30pm to 7:45pm. See the Meetup group for exact dates and times each semester.


In The Toolbox Course

We spend 75 minutes together each Thursday night for six weeks.
Come to this course to explore:
What contemplative practices are available?
Where did the different forms of meditation come from?
Why would a meditator do any of these practices?