Mindful Boston’s Cambridge Office

1105 Mass Ave Cambridge 02138.
Walk up the 9 steps, enter the first door into the office lobby for 1105, then ring the buzzer for “3F”. (It’s also good to text GB’s cell in case the buzzer doesn’t work.) You will be buzzed into the second door. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor and follow signs to #3F.

Handicapped entrance in the back, scroll down for instructions.

1105 Mass Ave

Our Office

1105 Mass Ave, Suite 3F,
Cambridge MA 02138


1105 Mass Ave is just seven blocks from the red line Harvard Square subway stop. It is also walk-able from Central Square.

Handicapped Entrance

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For Wheelchairs

Have your driver bring you down Trowbridge Street, and immediately turn left into the large driveway. 1105 is the brick building behind the concrete building. The ramp is under the overhang, you’ll see the signs for Cafe Sushi delivery.
Go up the ramp and through the first door. Ring the buzzer for “3F”. Once you are buzzed in to the second door, take the elevator to the 3rd floor.

Note: our bathroom is not ADA compliant. But wheelchairs have squeezed in there.

Our office has chair/couch seating for 10 people. If you prefer to sit on the floor, that is welcome. Bring a zafu if you can.

This image shows our staff demonstrating relaxation techniques. Please join us!

During workshops, we usually have lunch at the Cilantro Chinese restaurant on the first floor.



Most of our events are on Sundays, and in Cambridge you can use all legal parking spots for free on Sundays. Yes, you can park in residential spots! Also you do not have to feed the meter if you get a meter spot.

That being said, super close spots on Mass Ave can be rare. You’ll have better luck going to the south and west of Mass Ave. Follow Putnam street south towards the river and check out the side streets such as Green St, Franklin St, Bay St, Magee St etc.