Level 1

If you are new to our studio, it’s good to start by attending our Level 1 free class: Community Meditation Night. It is offered at least once each quarter. This is the place to meet our community and get a sense of our studio offerings. Even though it’s handy to call this “Level 1”, it is not required. You can go directly to a Level 2 class if you prefer.

Level 2

We have “Level 2” options that you can take in any order that suits your schedule. The Meditation Toolbox six-week course and/or The Bypassing Burnout Daylong Workshop. A Cape Cod weekend retreat is also being developed.

Level 3

Once you have completed either of the Level 2 options, you can then attend the keystone of our training pathway: The MBSR Intensive. MBSR stands for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. It is the program that has been widely studied in medical facilities since 1979. This intensive can overhaul your relationship to your stressors if you put in the work.

Level 4

4-A) Teachers
Once you have graduated MBSR, you have the option to meet with Mindful Boston’s senior teachers to discuss if you are ready to start an apprenticeship in teaching meditation. We have Craftsman Level and then Journeyman Level teacher training options. A certification can be a part of your training.

4-B) Scholars
Some meditation students do not prefer to become teachers, yet they want to continue the training pathway in order to deepen their understanding of the practice. After graduating MBSR, you have the option to engage in this form of study under the direction of senior teaching staff.

Class descriptions and details: