Mindful Boston is part of a larger network of mindful businesses that share a curriculum and have standards of practice.

The Studio

Mindful Boston is a practice studio. We sometimes use the term Meditative Arts Studio to highlight that our business model is similar to martial arts (karate) studios. We have developed a curriculum and a training pathway. We hold high standards for practice. When a meditation teacher graduates from our programs, they have the option to open their own business. Our meditation teachers have formed an association, and we call our association The Meditative Arts Institute.

The Associated Business of Our Institute

The following businesses are part of a larger network that includes the main practice studio within it. They follow the Mindful Boston curriculum, yet their businesses operate in other contexts than the main training studio, and they offer services to different client populations. All of our businesses partner with each other for referrals and colleague support.

The businesses currently within our Meditative Arts Institute are:

and Mindful Boston, of course, as the headquarters of our association.

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