Mindfulness in Schools, for kids

At Mindful Boston, we teach adult learners.

The following are organizations that work with younger ages.

Calmer Choice https://calmerchoice.org/

  • Calmer Choice is dedicated to bringing secular mindfulness-based social emotional education into Cape Cod public schools. We work in close partnership with administrators and educators to provide full-school programs that build a culture of mindfulness and kindness across entire schools. In recent years, Cape Cod has been challenged by a sharp and dramatic increase of losing young people to suicides, opioid overdose and accidental deaths associated with high-risk behaviors.
    Calmer Choice is a universal prevention program committed to teaching young people how to effectively and safely manage stress and resolve conflict so that they live happy, healthy and successful lives. Our goal is to provide skills that will diminish the risk of violence, substance abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors.

Mindful Schools https://www.mindfulschools.org/

  • Mindful Schools is one of the key players in the movement to integrate mindfulness into the everyday learning environment of K-12 classrooms. The organization has trained over 50,000 educators, parents, and mental health professionals who work with youth. These graduates, spanning 100+ countries, have reached over 3 million children worldwide.

Stressed Teens https://www.stressedteens.com/

  • Stressed Teens is a business that disseminates the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens Program (MBSR-T) in varying forms. Stressed Teens teaches mindfulness skills and provides tools for those in their pre-teen years through latter adolescence and even for young adults. Stressed Teens takes a mind-body approach and focuses on the whole person. Teens often have difficulty with their social skills, emotions, confidence, procrastination, impulsivity, and attention. Stressed Teens can improve a teen’s functioning and quality of living socially, physically, and psychologically.

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