Overview of what happens at our Mindful Boston studios

Our Mission

The Mindful Boston tagline is “support for your practice” and we take that seriously, especially when we’re having fun!

The term “Mindfulness” is becoming a buzzword. The good part is that more people have heard about it, the bad part is that the term is getting muddied. Also, the proliferation of youtube videos and weekend workshops trying to capitalize on the hype around mindfulness has been confusing for a lot of folks.

If you have questions like:

  • “How to I know what is actually mindfulness?”

  • “Am I doing this meditation stuff right? Who can I ask?”

  • “How do I maintain a long-term practice?”

Then you are in the right place.

In 2010, Mindful Boston started in earnest as a place for these kinds of questions. Gena Bean (our founding teacher) and a growing crew of meditators have been creating ways to widen access to sustainable mindfulness practices for a while. There is now a yearly calendar of events. And you can come and go as suits your schedule.

Mindful Boston’s Business Model

The business model is similar to a Martial Arts Studio. Only we practice sitting, not kicking!

Neighborhood martial arts studio have made the practices of self-defense available and accessible in America since the 1950s. It’s been a successful way to make a disciplined practice “ordinary” even within its specialness.

So, for our example: at a karate studio, if you wanted to just try out a self-defense weekend workshop, that would be fine, and you could stop there. But you would also have the option to enroll in more classes. Hanging out for a few months as a white-belt would be a good way to learn a few techniques. But some folks decide to stay on for a couple of years, earning a black belt ranking and teaching the techniques to others. If you stayed even longer, you could become a master level practitioner.

Here at Mindful Boston, the teaching pathway is similar to that model. You can start with just the basics of meditation at our level 1 and level 2 classes. Then if you want to broaden your knowledge, move on to level 3. Level 4 is for a) aspiring meditation teachers and also b) scholars who want support to research a contemplative practice.

Our free intro classes (Community Meditation Nights) are available once per quarter. See you there!

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