Volunteering and Internships


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Mindful Boston!

Before applying to our volunteer program, we prefer that you attend one of our free Community Meditation Nights to get a sense of what we do.  Please talk to the staff at the CMN about your interest, many of the CMN staff are volunteers themselves so they can tell you first hand what volunteering is like.  

The majority of our interns are university students who start with a summer internship.  But we also accept volunteer applications from anyone who desires to expand their skills and contribute to the development of our organization.  We use the term volunteer if you commit for a longer time than just a intern-level summer project. 


Internship positions are part-time, unpaid, and the program is active during the summers.  


  • University course credit, depending on your school.

  • Resume and work samples/portfolio builder

  • Flexible Hours

  • Summer Staff Retreat on Cape Cod

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Volunteer positions can start at any time of year, with a six month or longer commitment. Preference is given to graduates of our meditation classes. 

Internships have a more constrained calendar structure:

  • Apply for internships between January and early May. We do not have the administrative staff to handle applications outside of that time window.

  • Internship training starts at the end of May.

  • Intern projects run from June thru August.

  • Interns should attend our weekend Cape Cod retreat in August. But otherwise you can have flexible hours/days.

  • Internships end by Labor Day, with an option to re-apply for a fall internship. Fall internships are only given to students who have successfully completed a summer internship.

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