Mindful Boston's

Training Pathway

Mindful Boston is a meditation training hall with a similar business structure to a dance studio or a karate dojo.  You can attend any of the foundation-building classes, and there is no obligation to continue towards advanced classes unless you want to.  Of course, we would love for you to stay longer-term and earn advanced certificates.  We love meditation, and want for you to advance your skills!

IF you are interested in teacher-level certifications, please look carefully at these arrow boxes in order to understand the prerequisite system. Our training pathway will bring you through intermediate skills towards teacher-level certifications.  

All of these classes are offered at our Mindful Boston studio locations. Depending on the year and rental logistics, classes are either in Boston or Cambridge, always subway (T) accessible.

There are detailed descriptions of each of these programs at the List of Classes Page. 

As you can see from the arrow boxes, Journeyman Level Teachers must have already graduated from the Craftsman Program.  Craftsman applicants must have graduated from MBSR.  MBSR students must have graduated from the Meditation Toolbox Course.  There is no prerequisite for the Toolbox, but there is an option to attend a CMN first if you would like.