Next steps after graduation: Memberships

Sure, there is the option to follow our training pathway from the Meditation Toolbox (Lev2) into the MBSR program (Lev3). And then from there, meet with one of our teachers to see if Meditation Teacher Training is the logical next step for your advancement.

But you don’t have to follow the training pathway in such a linear way if it doesn’t work for you. Our membership program is a different way to continue with Mindful Boston as a home base for your practice.

We encourage grads of any of our classes to continue to hang out with us whenever possible. That’s why we’ve created a membership program.

Benefits of Membership

If you enroll as a studio-member of Mindful Boston, there will be member’s only intermediate classes that you can attend once per quarter through the year. You are invited to our Retreat Day on Cape Cod each August. You will also have first access to our online content as it is published.

Membership fees

The standard membership rate is $100 for the year.

  • Additionally, there is a sliding scale for those who need it.

  • The sliding scale goes down for those who have budget constraints.

  • The sliding scale goes up for those who have a larger budget and it is ethical for them to pay a higher amount.

Payment: Please bring a check to the September membership event, or send a paypal payment ahead of time.

Sliding Scale:

Ernest students are never turned away due to financial reasons. 
This sliding scale based on income, but if your “income” includes alternative forms of support, such as a trust fund, please adjust for your situation.

Income Level — your membership fee

29,999 and under — $25
30,000 to 44,999 — $50
45,000 to 59,999 — $75
60,000 to 74,999  — $100
75,000 to 89,999 — $125
90,000 to 104,999 — $150
105,000 to 119,999 — $175
120,000 to 134,999 — $200

For each additional 15K tier, add $25 to the membership rate.

We will not be asking you to submit any income validation. If you want to attend Mindful Boston events, we will rely on your honesty in relation to membership fees.

Regardless of what classes you might take, or not take, memberships are available to everyone. If there’s something that will support your practice of mindfulness, at Mindful Boston we’ll do our best to include it.

Gena BeanComment