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Gena Bean lecturing on neuroplasticity

MindfulBoston offers meditation classes in Central Square.

Please join us for a class!
Red-line and parking are nearby.

Upcoming public events--
•  Free Community Meditations: • July 16 • August 21 • September 5 • 
Please RSVP at the meetup page. Beginners always welcome.

•  The fall MBSR Intensive is starting to fill to capacity. Please apply ASAP to reserve your space. The Intensive will start on Oct 5th.

Administrative staff will be unplugged for July 2014:
Please use the automated forms on this website to reserve your space in classes. Note that the MindfulBoston administrative staff will be off-line during the month of July for mindful wellness purposes.
This does mean that most email will not get a personal reply until mid-August. Thanks for your understanding. It would be wonderful for you to follow our lead, and enact self-care practices this summer!
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