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MindfulBoston offers meditation training in Central Square Cambridge MA.
Please join us for a class!

Upcoming public events--
  •  The Basic Mechanics of Meditation drop-in class starts on Tues May 6 for six weeks.
  •  A 4-hour workshop on Bypassing Burnout is on Thursday May 8.
  • Join the MindfulBoston MeetUp group for future schedule updates.

The larger, yearly, schedule includes the spring Basics of Meditation drop-in classes, a fall MBSR Intensive in October, and next year will also include a fall Teacher Training.

Scroll down for descriptions of all programs.

Button for the MBSR Intensive

I need to deeply address my lifes stress!
I'm committed to enacting a change in my lifestyle.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an intensive nine-week program. Eight classes are 2.5 hours long, plus there is an All Day Retreat. Pre-registration is required.

Button for the Basics class

I'm interested in just trying out some meditations."
"What is this meditation stuff?

The Basic Mechanics of Meditation class consists of six weekly one-hour classes. It covers just how to meditate.
Drop-ins are possible.

Button for Community Meditation Night

Its free!? --Sign me up!

Community Meditation Night is a one-hour public meditation. Offered free of charge in the spirit of lovingkindness, compassion, and generosity.

Community Meditations are scheduled about 6 times/year in partnership between MindfulBoston & Ten Thousand Villages at 694 Mass Ave. Central Square.
Button for the workshop in bypassing burnout

I can give you just one afternoon of my time. Teach me about stress.      Yikes! I'm feeling burned out.

The Bypassing Burnout Workshop is a four-hour retreat for building skills in stress resiliency.

Offered in partnership between MindfulBoston and the MelKing Institute for Community Building. Locations in Downtown Boston.
Button for the Teacher Training

I want to feel confident in offering meditation to my clients.

Develop the skills necessary to teach The Basic Mechanics of Meditation program created by MindfulBoston. MindfulBoston's Meditation Teacher Training is a 3-month, 50 class-hour, program designed for professionals who want to integrate meditation into their existing client services.

Attending a full MBSR program is a pre-requisite. So, sign-up for MBSR now if you want to attend the teacher training next year.
Button for frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

• "Where should a beginner start?"
• "Is mindfulness good for my situation?"

Have more questions? Just go to the FAQ Page.

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